IP addres for cs ?!

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IP addres for cs ?!

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:10 am MAX Public 1 by ADSL.com.mk MAX Public 2 by ADSL.com.mk MAX GunGame by ADSL.com.mk MAX Public 4 by ADSL.com.mk MAX Clan War 1 by ADSL.com.mk MAX Deathmatch by ADSL.com.mk MAX Test Server -=[Silent SMACKDOWN]=- (sXe required) BIHnet CS 1.6 DM Server BIHnet CS 1.6 Public Server BIHnet CS 1.6 Public Server (pass bihnet) BIHnet CS 1.6 Public Server #2 (pass bihnet) BIHnet CS 1.6 CW Server Team WAR & PUBLIC IQ Fighters - Fun & Public & War Server

Steam : SBB CS 1.6 STEAM Server TehnicomNet Steam Gaming-Community.EU Steam PUBLIC-1 Gaming-Community.EU Clan War Steam Beotel CW Counter-Strike 1.6 Server YUBC CS 1.6 - Serbia


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